Screenshot of both an iPhone and an Apple Watch showing creation of structured workouts

Custom structured workouts

Combine intervals, warmups, cooldowns, recovery, etc. in whatever way suits your training the best.

Screenshot of an Apple Watch showing active workout view

Easy to read UI

Carefully tested fonts, sizes and colors for easiest readability at a glance. No longer looking twice to see what your current pace is.

Screenshot of the TrainingPeaks website and an Apple Watch showing the same workout

TrainingPeaks integration

Import and export structured workouts to and from TrainingPeaks. No need to remember it all in your head while out running.

Screenshot of the Final Surge website and an Apple Watch showing the same workout

Final Surge integration

Effortlessly transfer your planned workouts to and from Final Surge with ease. Eliminate the need to commit your entire workout routine to memory while out cycling.

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Arild Langtind


After a week with @TrainingPeaks subscribtion, 8020 plan and @watchletic I'm sold! Love to sync my structured workouts directly to the AWU

Best running app for serious runners on Apple Watch


Can do everything I was looking for. Direct Import/Export with TrainingPeaks, easy creation of more complex runs. Also the feature to get the intermediate results directly to your earphones I dont want to miss. Now only running counts!

Rouven Kasten


The [Watchletic] Running App is a great example of entusiastic people. Not yet perfect, but the runner is listened to very carefully and wishes are quickly implemented in the app!

My favorite running app


I use this app when running and it’s great. I can easily set a variable distance when I want to start my workout. Simply a time saver. Developer listens to feedback and implements features/changes where he can.

Welcome to Watchletic

Are you ready to hit a new personal record?

Watchletic is the app for people who want to get better at running, cycling and swimming.

Setup workouts on your Apple Watch like never before.

With Watchletic you can create custom structured workout intervals automatically synced to your Watch.

All workouts are saved directly to Apple Health and you can export your data to all major export formats.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to email me at


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  • Connect to Strava to allow direct export. No need for any other third-party apps!
  • Export to GPX, TCX and FIT workout files.
  • Run a specified distance or for a specified duration.
  • Create complex custom structured workouts with intervals, warmups, cooldowns, recovery, etc.
  • Import and export structured workouts to and from TrainingPeaks!
  • Import .FIT files generated from a range of different services
  • Create custom workout templates
  • Create pacing splits with positive or negative splits with optional reference route for hill effort configuration
  • Stores workouts on Apple Health to allow integration with other apps seamlessly.
  • Easy to use UI, sets the most common settings for you to avoid unnecessary complexity.
  • Always-On display allows you to quickly glance at your watch.